Lunch Served Mon-Fri 12pm - 3pm

Sushi Bar Lunch served w. miso soup, house salad & rice

Chirashi Traditional-style assorted sashimi over rice  9.95

Sashimi  9.95

Sushi 6 pc of assorted sushi w. choice of spicy tuna or California roll  9.95

Sushi-Sashimi Combo  11.95

Una-Don Barbecued eel over rice  10.95


Basic Rolls Combo served w. miso soup & house salad 9.95

Choose two:


Alaskan Smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado

Boston lettuce, ebi, Japanese mayo

California kani, avocado, cucumber

Cancun spicy tuna & tempura flakes

Chef’s eel & avocado w. peanut sauce


Eel w. avocado or cucumber

Fried Oyster w. avocado

Jodi vegetable tempura w. peanut sauce

Philadelphia smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese

Sari kani, avocado & cucumber w. peanut sauce


Salmon Mango

Spicy Salmon

Shrimp Tempura

Soft Shell Crab

Spicy Tuna


Vegetable cucumber, avocado, oshinko

Vegetable Tempura broccoli, sweet potato



Special Rolls Combo served w. miso soup & house salad 13.95

Choose two:

Batman kani & avocado topped w. tuna, salmon & masago

Can’t Be Better spicy tuna & tempura flakes topped w. salmon, scallions & tempura flakes

Dragon kani & cucumber topped w. eel & avocado

Freeman spicy salmon topped w. yellowtail & scallions

Heartbroken shrimp tempura topped w. spicy tuna

Kazam spicy tuna topped w. red snapper & scallions

Kelli spicy tuna topped w. white tuna, yellowtail & scallions

Montclair kani & avocado topped w. tuna

No Name shrimp tempura topped w. tuna & avocado

Santi eel & avocado topped w. tuna & salmon

Spicy Lobster w. cucumber

Spiderman soft shell crab & avocado topped w. spicy mayo

Upper Montclair kani & avocado topped w. super white tuna


Bento Box  served w. miso soup, house salad & rice  9.95

Choose one from each group:

  1. Chicken Teriyaki, Steak Teriyaki, Tofu Teriyaki, Chicken Tempura, Shrimp Tempura, Vegetable Tempura

  2. California Roll, Cucumber Roll, Sushi, Sashimi, Spicy Tuna Roll, Vegetable Roll




Kitchen Lunch Specials served w. miso soup, house salad & rice

Garlic Broccoli Chicken  8.95

Ginseng Beef sliced beef stir-fried w. ginseng & onions  9.95

Hana Crab Whole soft shell crab w. lemon miso-garlic sauce  11.95

Hibachi w. fried rice & noodles

Tofu & vegetable | Chicken  8.95            Steak|Salmon| Shrimp  9.95

Katsu (Chicken or Pork) Panko-crusted cutlet   8.95

Negimayaki scallion rolled in thin sliced beef w. Teriyaki sauce   9.95

Malaysian Chicken Curry* spicy coconut curry w. onions carrots & potatoes   9.95

Miso Black Cod broiled, miso-glazed black cod   11.95

Roasted Garlic Duck w. steamed vegetable   9.95

Shrimp Sambal* spicy Malay-Indo garlic chili w. onions & tomatoes   9.95


Tofu | Vegetable |Chicken  8.95        Steak|Salmon|Shrimp  9.95


Shrimp w. vegetable tempura   9.95

       Chicken w. vegetable tempura   8.95

       Vegetable Tempura   8.95


Don Buri served w. miso soup & house salad

Chicken & Mushroom-Don soy-marinated chicken, shiitake mushrooms, & onions  9.95

Katsu-Don Panko-breaded, fried pork cutlet & egg simmered in soy-dashi sauce   9.95

Oyako-Don Chicken & egg simmered in soy-dashi sauce   9.95

Ten-Don Shrimp Tempura & egg simmered in soy-dashi sauce   9.95


Tofu & vegetable | Chicken  8.95       Steak|Salmon| Shrimp  9.95


Noodles| Rice served w. house salad

Nabe-Yaki Udon Japanese noodle soup w. shrimp tempura, kani, egg & vegetable  9.95

Pad Thai Thai stir-fried rice noodles w. tamarind sauce, egg, bean sprouts, vegetable & ground peanuts

Tofu & vegetable|Chicken  8.95        Beef|Shrimp  9.95

Tossed Noodle Chinese style lo mein

Tofu & vegetable|Chicken 8.95         Beef|Shrimp 9.95

Yaki-Udon Japanese stir-fried thick noodles

Tofu & vegetable|Chicken  8.95         Beef|Shrimp  9.95

Roast Duck Noodle Soup Thin egg noodles in 5-spice broth  11.95

Hokkaido Ramen Japanese miso-tonkatsu egg noodle soup

Vegetable|Chicken|Pork  10.95         Beef|Shrimp  11.95

Shoyu Ramen Japanese soy-based egg noodle soup

Vegetable|Chicken|Pork  10.95         Beef|Shrimp  11.95

Ten Zaru Soba Chilled buckwheat noodles w. soy-dashi dipping sauce, wasabi, scallions, nori, & shrimp tempura  11.95

Classic Fried Rice

Tofu & vegetable|Chicken  8.95       Beef|Shrimp  9.95

Spicy Basil Fried Rice

Tofu & vegetable|Chicken  8.95       Beef|Shrimp  9.95


* Spicy

All dishes can be made spicy upon request